SEP会计师事务所 (""SEP"") 是在澳大利亚为中资企业背景及个人提供专业服务的领先会计师事务所。在澳大利亚拥有包括跨境中小型企业、私营企业以及个人投资者组成的多元化的客户群体。无论您的业务处于哪一个发展阶段,我们都将从专业的角度为您在澳大利亚投资和经营提供全方位的策略性财税规划,并为您量身定制有效的企业解决方案。 SEP以诚信服务为立业之本,并借此建立强大的专业团队。SEP企业文化强调团队内部紧密合作,意在让每一位客人都能体验到我们的诚挚服务。 SEP团队深知许多海外公司及人士在进入澳大利亚新的市场时所面临的种种挑战。我们的团队不但提供常规的会计、咨询、尽职调查和税务服务,还提供包括商业移民、企业重组和税务策划等相关的业务咨询,协助您及商业伙伴在澳大利亚拓展业务。 从SEP 的基层员工到合伙人均娴熟中英文双语。 "SEP Accountants is a professional service firm and has been providing a range of professional services such as accounting, advisory, due diligence, and taxation to its clients. SEP Accountants prides itself on offering first-class professional services to Chinese private companies operating in Australia and high net worth individuals. No matter which development stage of client’s businesses they are at, we will provide comprehensive strategic accounting and tax planning for their investment and operation in Australia professionally and tailor consulting service to specific needs of your business accordingly. The culture of SEP Accountants emphasizes cooperation within the team, which aims to let every client experience our trustworthy service. Our team understands the challenges that companies and individual investors may face when they enter the Australian market. Our team does not only provide the conventional accounting, advisory, due diligence, and taxation services, but also provide relevant business advisory on aspects such as business migration, enterprise restructure and taxation planning. Professionals in SEP Accountants are proficient in English and Chinese." 商会会员可免费享受一次一对一的财务及税务咨询服务、包括如何申报个人和企业所得税、税务筹划以及家庭信托的使用等。


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