"Cnosure位于悉尼,宗旨为澳洲企业提供微信平台商业解决方案,打造微信CRM管理系统和数字化推广平台,帮助企业以低成本高效率开拓澳洲本地市场以及中国消费市场。Cnosure为微盟(Weimob)澳大利亚服务商,微盟为微信第三方领军企业,其客户包括联想、沃尔玛等世界500强企业。服务包括: • 微信平台战略咨询 • 微信公众号和小程序 • 微信网站 • 微信商城 • 营销策划与实施" Cnosure is a WeChat-focused marketing consultancy that specialised in custom platform development. We help Australian companies market to WeChat’s 1.4 billion active consumers. Cnosure partnered with Weimob Inc which is one of the largest WeChat platform service providers in China and their client include Lenovo, Walmart and other famous top 500 companies. We offer advisory, delivery and managed service across WeChat strategy, Official Account establishment, design & development, and maintenance on an ongoing basis.


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