EVERSTONE于1994年创建于澳大利亚悉尼,专业设计生产和销售高档装饰材料,产品包括水晶玻璃、不锈钢、纳米金属、天然石材以及厄亚斯彩岩制作的马赛克及装饰砖。公司商标EVERSTONE(中文:澳斯顿)在全球范围内得以保护。 通过22年跨越式发展,澳斯顿集团已发展为世界一流的高档装饰材料设计供应公司,深受全球业内同行一致赞誉。 Everstone leading in the innovation and design of luxury tiles and mosaics. Established in 1994, Everstone is an Australian Group, based in Sydney. After 22 years of growth, Everstone has reached unprecedented status in the specialised design, manufacture and sales of top-end decorative materials, including Glass, Metal, Stone and Porcelain mosaics and tiles. Our unique designs and outstanding quality has won many awards in Australia and strengthened our leadership in the global market. Today Everstone is a well-known brand, recognised as a leader in mosaic & tile industry.


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