JCC成立于2016年。JCC立足于中国香港和大陆资本市场,致力于为中国香港、大陆客户提供全方位、综合性金融服务。我们的目标是成为一家华人世界的精品投资银行。JCC主要业务是公司上市、发债和并购重组。我们的角色是公司财务顾问和并购重组顾问,我们协助中国公司在香港资本市场通过IPO上市、借壳上市、发行私募公募美元债券、并购重组为手段在香港资本市场募集资金,协助我们的客户走向国际资本市场。 JCC was established in 2016. Based on the Hong Kong and Mainland China capital markets, JCC is committed to providing comprehensive and comprehensive financial services to customers in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Our goal is to become a boutique investment bank in the Chinese world. JCC's main business is the company's listing, debt issuance and mergers and acquisitions. Our role is as a company financial advisor and M & A and restructuring advisor. We assist Chinese companies in the Hong Kong capital market through IPO listing, backdoor listing, issuance of privately-raised publicly-raised US dollar bonds, and mergers and acquisitions to raise funds in the Hong Kong capital market to help our clients go international capital market. 商会会员本店累计消费满1000,5% OFF 商会会员本店累计消费满5000,10% OFF 商会会员本店累计消费满10000,15% OFF


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